We are also proud to have our very own portfolio of signature brands which we have lovingly crafted and own. These vary from beers and ales crafted specifically to pair with certain foods, to spirits which offer a new and modern alternative.

Our Signature Brand expert, Duncan Bryan, spends his time building the unique personalities of these brands and ensuring that they are matched perfectly with suitable venues.

Name: Duncan Bryan
Role: Brand Development Manager – Signature Brands

Duncan is passionate about LWC’s signature brands. It is his job to build provenance around each brand, creating a unique identity. This includes ensuring a brand is paired with the correct outlet, whether that’s new, trendy cocktail bars, traditional country pubs or a restaurant which is looking to pair a drink perfectly with their menu. Duncan also uses his knowledge and expertise to deliver staff training in-house at LWC and while out on the road, cocktail training is also conducted at various outlets.

Duncan comments: “There’s a lot of diversity in my role and a really broad customer range so it’s always a lot of fun finding the perfect brand to suit a bar or restaurant. Our signature brands are more like lifestyle brands to LWC so finding the perfect match is really important.”

When he’s not working on the identity of LWC’s signature brands, you will find Duncan training for marathons and 50km coast runs.

Duncan Bryan


Old J

A classic combination of the finest Caribbean rum, spices, sugar, vanilla and Persian lime.

Bangla Beer

A specially created brew, designed to complement Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine.

Lal Toofan

A premium Indian beer which acts as the perfect complement for hot, spicy Indian cuisine.



Made with real fruit concentrate and real sugars, this is a premium vodka blended drink.


A crisp, smooth finish which works perfectly with Asian style cooking and fiery spices.


A premium lager beer, originating from the industrial city of Dortmund, Germany.



The Angelo classic provides a modern take while Angelo Black is full of liquorice flavours.

Moonshine Vodka


A Triple distilled vodka, ideal on its own, with ice, or as a mixer in a cocktail.

South West Orchards

Made with fresh apple juice from a blend of the finest West Country Cider apples.