Our team of experts have extensive knowledge in the drinks industry which means they can advise our customers on the perfect products for their menu. Their experience also allows them to meet client’s specific requirements, however out of the ordinary they may be.

Name: Kez Oliver
Role: Brands Development Manager, Wine Expert

Kez has been involved in the wine industry for over 20 years. His passion for this area of the drinks industry has led him to acquiring an extensive knowledge and experience, making him the perfect fit as LWC’s wine expert.

As Brands Development Manager, Kez is responsible for liaising with our Area Sales Managers to curate wine lists. He also meets with and advises new and existing customers on the best wines to accompany their menus, or stock at their venue.

Using his extensive knowledge – not to mention boundless passion and energy for the wine industry – Kez regularly offers and carries out training sessions with customers, ensuring LWC’s customers are fully versed and knowledgeable about the products they are stocking.

Kez is also responsible for in-house wine training too, ensuring best advice across the company.

Kez comments: “Wine has been a huge part of my life, having been actively involved in the industry for two decades. What I especially like is that it is a subject that is constantly evolving – I learn something new every day and I love sharing my knowledge with our customers. Technology and growing methods are constantly evolving and there is always something new to learn or research.”

When not sharing his wine wisdom, Kez can be found letting off some steam on his mountain bike.

Kez Oliver

Name: Scott Davidson
Role: Distribution Manager, Stock Controller, Cask Expert

Scott’s role at LWC is a varied one but most importantly he’s the company’s Cask expert! He spends much of his time sourcing specific products for clients, whether that’s for monthly offers, ale festivals, other specific events or for food pairings.  Cask products usually have a much shorter life than spirits and wines so instead of keeping stock levels high, it’s up to Scott to find a particular product when a client requires it. When he’s not searching high and low for the very best Cask beers, he’s also checking stock levels and ensuring deliveries are out the door on time.

“I enjoy the challenge of finding a slightly out of the ordinary product for a client. It makes each day a little different and sometimes I’m tasked with finding something really random so I enjoy having to go out and scour the market to find that perfect product. Being able to provide this service makes us stand out – customers know they’ll get what they’re looking for.”

When not seeking out new, interesting and quirky products, Scott enjoys spending quality time with his family in Devon.

Scott Davidson

Name: Duncan Bryan
Role: Brand Development Manager – Signature Brands

Duncan is passionate about LWC’s signature brands. It is his job to build provenance around each brand, creating a unique identity. This includes ensuring a brand is paired with the correct outlet, whether that’s new, trendy cocktail bars, traditional country pubs or a restaurant which is looking to pair a drink perfectly with their menu. Duncan also uses his knowledge and expertise to deliver staff training in-house at LWC and while out on the road, cocktail training is also conducted at various outlets.

Duncan comments: “There’s a lot of diversity in my role and a really broad customer range so it’s always a lot of fun finding the perfect brand to suit a bar or restaurant. Our signature brands are more like lifestyle brands to LWC so finding the perfect match is really important.”

When he’s not working on the identity of LWC’s signature brands, you will find Duncan training for marathons and 50km coast runs.

Duncan Bryan

Name: Julia Wright
Role: Regional Wine Development Manager

Julia has been involved in the drinks industry for 16 years with a particular interest in wine. Julia’s role in the company is a varied one – if it’s wine based, she’ll be working on it.

As the Regional Wine Development Manager, it is Julia’s responsibility to source and sample new wines. She also attends events with the aim to increase LWC’s wine presence in the industry. Julia is also responsible for the handling of the Devon and Cornwall depots as well as the Wine Development Managers.

Previously Julia has worked as a Wine and Liaison Manager as well as setting up her own company, which she eventually sold to return to a more hands on role. Her experience as a Wine Specialist Account & Area Manager means she is well versed and knowledgeable on the industry and provides vital skills to the LWC team.

Julia comments: “I have and always will be interested in wine. It’s an area I know particularly well and one that is continuously growing and changing. This role is a huge learning curve for me and it keeps me busy but I love to challenge myself and challenge the perceptions of wine in the drink’s sector.”

When removing her ‘wine hat’, Julia can be found enjoying the sea views at her home in North Cornwall and taking her four-year-old English spaniel, Fizz, on long cliff walks.